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ELCOM - GRE Toppers is set-up with a vision of providing quality training in programs like GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS ,TOEFL, PTE for students who wish to pursue their education overseas. We also provide expert Academic Counseling Services to the Students,making the process of admission simpler. Our education consultants work with more than 350 Universities across 15 different countries.We also ensure that the students are able to prepare for the competitive entrance tests in a span of 40-60 days.We have helped more than 3000 students realize their dream of studying overseas. We work with more that 350 Universities across 15 different countries helping students get admits across the world.


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GRE-Toppers is a 16 year old company which is set-up with a vision of providing quality training

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We do the training for test-Prep Programs GMAT, GRE ,SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE......

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"I never thought i will able to get an admit from University of Wisconsin Madison. The admission Counselling services was excellent. I was pretty much impressed with the way we shortlisted the universities. I like to thank you for all the help from LOR to my visa interview - Wisconsin Madison"

Sneha Sridhar University of Wisconsin Madisson, USA

"I want to thank you for all the help right from selecting universities to visa interview. I very happy with my decision of rejecting UCI and NUS admits.MTU is pretty decent university for design and manufacturing. My courses are going great --Michigan Technological Univ"

Suman Michigan State University, USA

"I am pleased that i did my admission counselling services with GRE-Toppers. They helped me to get an admit for my dream Universities. They have the best consultants for Germany and USA. The Visa Counselling was excellent. It was a pleasure doing my process with GRE-Toppers -Univ of Kaisserslautern"

Sindhuja Univ of Kaisserslautern

"I Joined for my GRE Classes and they helped me to score 323/340. The practice books and mock test was excellent. The classes and doubt clearing session was outstanding."

Aswanth GRE : 315 IELTS : 7 State University of New York, USA

"I am glad to do my GRE Training with GRE-Toppers. I was bit scared of maths since i come from an arts background.They took a special session for my Quants classes and it helped me to score 166/170 in Quants and an overall score of 321/340."

Swaathi GMAT : 730 Indian school of Business PGDM

"My name is Prithivi Ram and I am pursuing my Master of Science in Embedded systems at the university of Twente. It was after some extensive research and positive references that I decided to break the barriers and fly away to the Netherlands. Even though this is not a common destination for Indian students, I knew, once I had arrived, that I had made really good decision."

Prithivi ram duraisingam University of Twente, Netherlands

"The training seemed to be extremely beneficial. All the topics covered were thoroughly thought. The teachers and staff were friendly and helpful. Overall, the course seemed to have improve my knowledge and effiency for taking my exam. A lot of practice test made me to achieve this."

Purvasha Vijay University of Wisconsin Madisson, USA

"I have improved my studies in mathematics, thanks to IMTP consultancy service. Many shortcuts and tricks have been thought by the staff and they are very helpful in my schoolings. As a result in my school I can do the maths fast and correct my errors due to IMTP training. SAT coaching is very good so I hope I can do clear the exam with good scores with IMTP's help."

Sri Adithya.A University of Wisconsin Madisson, USA

"The coaching offered here has been extremely beneficial to complete out examination. The institution has well experienced faculties who support us as much we can improve and their encouragement motivate us a lot which gives us the confident and belief that we can achieve our goal in positive way."

Naren Univ of Kaisserslautern

"The training provided in IMTP is excellent. It is extremely beneficial for students. The faculties are friendly with high support with their knowledge and support. All the subjects are covered on time and regular test have been conducted by the institute for the better result for us."

SR Raswanth Indian school of Business PGDM

"Being a working professional, I got the proper support to learn through, without any hurdle. The tutor was very supportive in giving rapid response. If I have got such tutor during my childhood, I might have secured centum in my Grammar. It is the best place to prepare for the IELTS."

Silviya IELTS Univ of Kaisserslautern

"I have been trained for the last 4 months, I feel really lucky to have such trainers in IMTP especially Ms.Sini Mam, the training session was really useful in my career. The training have improved my English provisions to the great height."

Vigneshwaran IELTS University of Wisconsin Madisson, USA

Recent Results

    SwaathiSundar 730
    PrashanthSingvi 730
    Vigneshwar 720
    Divyabharathi 710
    Jegan 690
    Kousal 680


  • Student Name Test Prep Score
    Gowrisankar GRE- 328
    Girish GRE-327
    Hiran GRE-325
    Swaathi GRE- 325
    Aswanth GRE-325
    Nandhini GRE-324
    Praveen GRE: 325
    Sindhiya GRE: 325
    Siddharathi GRE: 322
    Sherin GRE: 322
    Vivek GRE: 323
    Karthikeyan GRE: 321
    Aaditya GRE: 319


    GRE: 319
    Soundarya GRE: 319
    Mohan Kumar GRE: 318
    Sanjana GRE: 317
    AdrinIssaiArasu GRE: 317
    Shyam Kumar GRE: 314
    Mathan Kumar GRE:312
    Narendran GRE: 312
    Leeladhar GRE: 311
    Deepan GRE:311
    Shyam GRE: 311
    Vinod GRE: 309
    Pradeep GRE: 310
    Sanjay GRE: 310
    Karthik GRE: 310

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