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Hospitality Education


A Hotel Manager's dream is to do a program in Switzerland. Switzerland boasts of the best Hotel Management schools in the world. Students with Management background like B.Com, BBA, BBM and also Hotel Management students can apply for the programs. The program also has got Paid Internship programs where the student spends between 5 to 7 months of every year in reputed 4 or 5 star hotels in Switzerland, where the student is paid to work there.

A portion of the fees is recovered during this time. Most of the big hotels around the world come to Switzerland to recruit Managers for their hotels. The best of the students could be employed in 5 star hotels around the world.

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Truly “Swiss” Hospitality Education

Switzerland’s reputation for Hotel Management training results from an emphasis on practical skills and experience. A profound understanding of all aspects of hotel management creates the polyvalent, multi-talented professional employers are looking for.

Whilst similar Swiss Hotel Schools are increasingly moving away from practical input, becoming more like business schools, SHMS maintains its focus on practical aspects whilst still incorporating key management elements, including Human Resource, Marketing, Finance and languages into the curriculum. A combination that provides graduates with the best possible foundation for their future career.

Part of the enjoyment of studying at SHMS is the experience of interacting with students from around the world. SHMS has students from more than 60 countries, living and studying together on campus.

Although the study program is intensive, there is also time to enjoy the wealth of leisure activities that Switzerland offers. The school arranges many sports, recreational and sightseeing activities for students. Many European countries are within easy reach for weekend excursions.

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    SwaathiSundar 730
    PrashanthSingvi 730
    Vigneshwar 720
    Divyabharathi 710
    Jegan 690
    Kousal 680


  • Student Name Test Prep Score
    Gowrisankar GRE- 328
    Girish GRE-327
    Hiran GRE-325
    Swaathi GRE- 325
    Aswanth GRE-325
    Nandhini GRE-324
    Praveen GRE: 325
    Sindhiya GRE: 325
    Siddharathi GRE: 322
    Sherin GRE: 322
    Vivek GRE: 323
    Karthikeyan GRE: 321
    Aaditya GRE: 319


    GRE: 319
    Soundarya GRE: 319
    Mohan Kumar GRE: 318
    Sanjana GRE: 317
    AdrinIssaiArasu GRE: 317
    Shyam Kumar GRE: 314
    Mathan Kumar GRE:312
    Narendran GRE: 312
    Leeladhar GRE: 311
    Deepan GRE:311
    Shyam GRE: 311
    Vinod GRE: 309
    Pradeep GRE: 310
    Sanjay GRE: 310
    Karthik GRE: 310

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