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ELCOM - GRE Toppers is a subsidiary company of IMTP Consultancy Services Private Limited which was set up 16 years ago with a vision of providing quality training in programs like GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS ,TOEFL, PTE for students who wish to pursue their education overseas. We also provide expert Academic Counseling Services to the Students, making the process of admission simpler. We also ensure that the students are able to prepare for the competitive entrance tests in a span of 40-60 days. We have helped more than 3000 students realize their dream of studying overseas. We work with more that 350 Universities across 15 different countries helping students get admits across the world.

We are also into corporate and leadership training in collaboration with Mr.Shubbrato Dutta. Shubbrato Dutta is a passionate and dynamic motivational transformational speaker / trainer who blends theory, practice and his original thoughts, breathing new perspectives into individuals and organizations worldwide igniting the human spirit to overcome rising challenges, maintain and celebrate life. He is a well respected, sought after motivational speaker with a strong, inspiring and timely message of overcoming adversity and keeping the dream alive.

He is a proficient rhetorician having a rich corporate experience in Education, Retail, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Service Industries, the Banking/Insurance sectors. Working with hundreds of teams, companies and a wide variety of organizations over the last 23 years has given Shubbrato Dutta a unique insight into, and understanding of, human performance and all its variables.

Recent Results

    SwaathiSundar 730
    PrashanthSingvi 730
    Vigneshwar 720
    Divyabharathi 710
    Jegan 690
    Kousal 680


  • Student Name Test Prep Score
    Gowrisankar GRE- 328
    Girish GRE-327
    Hiran GRE-325
    Swaathi GRE- 325
    Aswanth GRE-325
    Nandhini GRE-324
    Praveen GRE: 325
    Sindhiya GRE: 325
    Siddharathi GRE: 322
    Sherin GRE: 322
    Vivek GRE: 323
    Karthikeyan GRE: 321
    Aaditya GRE: 319


    GRE: 319
    Soundarya GRE: 319
    Mohan Kumar GRE: 318
    Sanjana GRE: 317
    AdrinIssaiArasu GRE: 317
    Shyam Kumar GRE: 314
    Mathan Kumar GRE:312
    Narendran GRE: 312
    Leeladhar GRE: 311
    Deepan GRE:311
    Shyam GRE: 311
    Vinod GRE: 309
    Pradeep GRE: 310
    Sanjay GRE: 310
    Karthik GRE: 310

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